Grind Yo' Teeth

by Eager Maniacs X Bruxism

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Bathory Blaze
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Bathory Blaze It's rare that I like rap. Their beats are really catchy and the poetry excellent. Wish I could add bad/weird to my collection too. Favorite track: Grenade Sandwich.
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released August 3, 2013



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Eager Maniacs Marquette, Michigan

The Upper Michigan hip hop duo Eager Maniacs are as bad as they are weird, as hip hop as they are punk rock, and as cynical as they are eager.

Stark’s synth-laden minor-chord beats paired with Gerko’s aggressive, nasally staccato-rap makes for a sonically provocative combination.

They're here to fling blood and pulp at a new generation of hip hop heads.
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Track Name: Eager Maniacs - Moths Communing Over an Open Flame
I've never had a home, I live in a half empty glass house,
the proof is in the way I put my foot in my mouth.
I'm losing footing as I propose a toast to our insanity.
The weeds I've planted in your pudding are losing their battle with gravity.
Take it for granted, stop trying to understand my babbling.
My teeth have had their cavities, my souls done it's unraveling.
travelling through space time, seeing sights and hearing sounds.
Help me get the crown so I can bury it underground.
Mother nature's ripped gown is an alluring disguise,
Shield your eyes, like Blake said, stair at the sidewalk lines.
You can't define the climb because the rehash knows no bounds,
So keep your eyes off the cash while I show you what I've found.
The beauty is all around me, i just it was inside me.
Everyone likes lying, just too bad my lies defy me.
Tongue in cheek, try to bite it, still I tell the truth.
Lungs are weak, still I pack and light it, ooo now I feel aloof.

Never done better than too little too late, and that's life. (that's life)
I'm every bit as bitter as I am great, and that's life. (that's life)

Count your money son, but you can count on your greed taking it back.
I'm sure the universe will return all those knives you put in people's backs.
See, there's proof you've mislabeled your stress as success.
A frame of mind is a plain picture, hang it on the wall or put it to rest;
I'm beyond that! Success is in the third eye of your best intention,
but now'a'days it seems to die inside of our deluded pretensions.
The suspense is killing me, and you, and you, and you too.
Our design has been refined inside my mind, now I'm putting 'em on youtube.
Because truthfully the truth is highly subjective,
And there's no Hitchhiker's guide to other people's perspectives.
You could say that the human mind is a foggy place to hide,
When I was younger someone told me this or that, but somebody else told me they lied.
Watch time break your bones, it can make you feel less alone.
The seeds were once sown from thrones, now I plant 'em in my poems.
Till they grow into my hands and plant me firmly in reality,
Lets get beyond the fallacies, and find the comedy in this tragedy.

Never done better than too little too late, and that's life. (that's life)
I'm every bit as bitter as I am great, and that's life. (that's life)
Track Name: Eager Maniacs - Grenade Sandwich
I've been kickin' rocks in a universe of wannabe gun cockers,
But these faux pistol packers settled for being balloon poppers.
I've been smashed into lockers by dudes with similar tantrums
back in high school when I sported the grin of a phantom.
Back then I wasn't packin' gold magnums or makin' music,
I was putting up with abuse from stupid useless mutants.
Normalcy wasn't normal, so I slept with the lights on;
Now I write songs like this mic is a pipebomb.
but back then the fashion was anti,
Staring at the sun in a universe of low-fi.
Damn, I know I'm exaggerating the frustration
and lack of patience in this former mental patient.
But the wounds on elbows from scraping pavement
were latent, I swear it wasn't just the injuries from skating.
I painted my sins gold and sold em to some scenesters,
This is the fairy tale of how this do-er ripped off the dreamers!

Big bangs and band aides,
So much for shallow graves.
When life hands you rocks
Make a fucking hand grenade!

I took to makin' funny faces at dummies locked in cages,
And my crooked teeth were blatant, even though I went through braces.
The picture wasn't finished, and the planning was haphazard;
Had some run in's with the 5-0, they were hatin' on my swagger
Like they used to do on TV to those Dukes of Hazzard boys.
Unemployed, with fun enjoyed, I stared into the growing void.
Knowing noise can draw attention, I threw away all hope for a pension;
And studied the faces people make when ugly words are mentioned.
Changed the sentences to paragraphs, hell no I never fight fair!
This world can be a nightmare, and the graveyard is right there!
I've seen mighty men wearing masks and taking nips from flasks;
I've lived with hairy smelly potheads taking knife hits of hash.
Never was much of a cash earner or casual observer;
but when burger hits the burner bitch emcee's hush to a murmur;
So with this new found lack of knowledge I'm crashing my pen into paper
with the fervor of a hater and hopes of leaving a fuckin' crater.
Track Name: Eager Maniacs - Random Encounters (Nodding Off)
I'll never forget what it tasted like to watch my hero crumble in his armor.
Bittersweet swollen teeth die fashionably early in honor
of dark humor. You'd clear your throat then they'd pack the room,
but life's a half empty saloon when your dreams become a tomb.
He took the path less traveled by, then they all followed him,
until his little misunderstood paradise swallowed him.
You could feel the regret they'd etched into his skeleton,
sick sadistic snapshots of places where he'd never been
happy. Summer was left choking on his laughter,
as the fall became a monument that framed his predicted rapture.
It's all aftermath when the high comes down to the hammock that fate groomed,
cause there's no sex, drugs, or champagne in the panic room.
Static soon became clear, the smoke signals disappeared,
Every time I walk alone you're still yelling in my ear.
Embellished fear painted my imaginary friend past tense over a boo-boo.
Consume or be entombed by the spare room in his new shoes.

Let's toast to the ghost ride,
the host with the most pride.
Hiding behind closed eyes.
Don't or live, Do or die.

It's like here's a scratch, there's a scratch, every other word's a backlash.
Fine print tattooed mind splint; this wimpy kid is makin' a big splash.
Mad Max stuntman landing pads can't save you from collapse,
so we watch in suspense like this might be our last chance to clap.

Once upon a time we spoke candidly on a street corner.
Bastille day in a city squared, the sun somehow felt warmer
than it had on any other previous day.
I watched you storm the stage like a sea locked inside a cage.
Engaged the citizens by playing post rock possum.
Some morons called it wack but I thought the shit was awesome.
Though a burning question was still festering,
I guess it was let in by all of your nihilistic gesturing.
I mean how do you ask someone you if they're trying to die
without coming of as a tad bit mighty and high?
So eye to eye we gazed, I thought about that moment for weeks;
Until the day I found out that you'd been given the gift of defeat.
If I'd known then what I know now would I have been able to change the trajectory?
Or am I just letting my imagination get the best of me?
I know I could never recreate the most random encounter of all.
Every flower pedal falls, every hero is nodding off.
Track Name: Eager Maniacs - Paper Thin Prayers
(I'm) swallowing pounds of sugar in an attempt to seem sweet,
but it's all sweat and tears when the blood meets the meat.
We defeat each other nightly, all is fair in love and war.
It should be surprising, but we've compared these scars before.
The bending has turned to breaking in a matter of minutes.
Your miracles and love don't matter to this bitter cynic.
They call this living, but is it? I'm swimming in lividity,
I've fallen from divinity now I'm wallowing in misery.
Every epiphany comes attached to an injury,
Ever so gingerly our egos work in perfect synergy.
I'm wasting energy for you, it's the purest form of charity;
Clutching my coma carefully, nobody escapes this parody.
My enemy is barefoot so I never hear her coming,
I guess I'll always be a minuteman, let's listen to the clock humming.
What's the matter kid? Pussy got your tongue?
Don't start complaining now, I promise that the pain has just begun.

Laughing at the darkness because no war is ever won.
Every honest man is Godless, every song becomes unsung.
Laughing at the darkness because no war is ever won.
Every honest man is Godless, every song becomes unsung.

Print the words on paper as if there's some hope for after,
but never in my life have I felt more entrapped or captured.
So savor the taste because it'll surely be your last meal.
Soylent Green is people, stupid, I hope you enjoy becoming veal.
Once you've cracked the seal there's no way to get the smiles back,
once you walk off the beaten path the miles pass like a heat flash.
Nobody gets a last laugh, we're fading out of the picture.
God has lead me on with a hard on and no chance in hell of kissing her.
My innards burn like spinning balls of gas in space,
but try as I may I can't wipe this bitter taste off my face.
So I displace the shame, imbibe my lies
and die a little more inside every time I fail to fly.
I flail my arms to no avail at nonexistent Gods.
I'm trapped inside a jar of silence, no one but me hears the sobs.
Once you reach Nirvana you'll realize that no one cares.
That's I'm walking on the strength of my paper thin prayers.

Laughing at the darkness because no war is ever won.
Every honest man is Godless, every song becomes unsung.
Laughing at the darkness because no war is ever won.
Every honest man is Godless, every song becomes unsung.
Track Name: Eager Maniacs - Fisherman's Mermaid
Back before they tore up the ore
covered train tracks down near the shore
there was a dusty rust colored road
where my friends and I would go to explore.
We ran into many characters, but one who stuck in my mind
was a wino fisherman who fixated on a divine
mermaid. He said caught her once, but she got away.
So from then on he threw his line out day after day,
with a wedding ring attached to the end,
he was convinced she was the one, so again and again
I'd ask "What are you doing today friend?"
and he'd always reply "Trying to make the pain end."

He'd talk about her every single day.
He never seemed to take his eyes away
from the shoreline. He never said her name,
so everyone just called her the fisherman's mermaid.

Some people hated him, some were afraid of him,
I just listened to his tales and drank with him.
I knew his soul mate was make believe,
But I'm generally the type to live and let live. I mean
I felt bad, it was three shades of upsetting
to see a grown ass man constantly obsessing
over a creature that couldn't possibly exist,
and even if she did, who really wants to kiss a fish?
I never asked him that, I felt like it'd be rude.
so we'd take a swig and pass the flask, that's what we used to do.
He'd cry nightly about the love that wasn't meant to be,
cause she'd dry up on the land and he'd drown inside the sea.

He'd talk about her every single day.
He never seemed to take his eyes away
from the shoreline. He never said her name,
so everyone just called her the fisherman's mermaid.

But one day like 5 years or so back,
in fact it was right around the time they tore up the train tracks.
I heard that same scratchy voice with a new spin
cause this time the old man was wearing a grin.
With no pole, no tears, no ring, no line;
I asked him why and to my surprise.
He looked me right in the eyes and said "Goodbye my friend.
I finally found a way to make the pain end."
He told me he saw her sun bleached hair through the water,
and that she'd agreed to marry him right after he caught her.
He left his flask on the shore the night he disappeared.
I don't know where he went but I haven't seen him in years.
Track Name: Bruxism - Gone Before You Know It
Claim to save the "scene" but never did anything.
Never meant a thing to me, good fucking riddance!